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QCD Supports “No Food Wasted” Customer Donations Prompted by Coronavirus Closures

March 2020

As foodservice and distribution companies adjust to COVID-19 guidelines, Quality Custom Distribution associates are supporting customer food donations from Chick-fil-A, Chipotle and Starbucks. While take-away foodservice continues to feed consumers, customers like Starbucks have closed thousands of U.S. and Canadian café-style locations, making excess food products available for local food bank donations.

"Over the past few years, Starbucks has been partnering with local food donation centers across the U.S. and in support with QCD, has been able to donate the excess food to those in need," said Erin Kristek, Managing Director, U.S. Distribution CDC Network, Starbucks Supply Chain Operations. "As we manage through these unprecedented times, we have been able to leverage these existing relationships and QCD's expertise in food distribution logistics to support our communities, ensuring 'no food is wasted' and providing the support that is needed most."

In partnership with Starbucks, QCD associates are transporting items like milk, pastries, and packaged sandwiches to local food banks across the country. From Los Angeles to Boston, and in nearly every U.S. state in between, QCD is going the extra mile to support its customers and the many communities that need help during these uncertain times.

"During COVID 19, with the help of our providers such as QCD, we were able to redistribute surplus and fresh food to those who are in need," said Jimmy Shah, East Region Senior Manager for Starbucks Distribution Operations. "QCD was able to redistribute product from Starbucks stores to many food banks throughout the nation."​

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