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QCD Drivers Put Values into Action: Maintain the Highest Standards

January 2023

Drivers throughout QCD’s U.S. locations strive to maintain the highest standards of quality service, as they deliver products to customer stores and support local teams every day. Driver Appreciation Week only comes around once a year in September, but customer kudos and thanks for QCD drivers keep coming in all the time! Here are just a few recent examples of positive feedback and recognition from QCD's last-mile delivery restaurant customers.

Andrew Cuthbertson from QCD Charlotte:

“He always makes sure to speak to me and all the other partners in our store whenever he does deliveries here. He has learned our names and is good at communicating when there are damaged items on the truck. Whenever we see him, we know we can expect a neat and timely delivery. If he ever comes less than thirty minutes before we close, he puts the frozen items away without us even having to ask. He is great!”

Jesse Martinez from QCD Denver:

“Jesse is always so kind when he drops off our order! He always recognizes each partner on the floor and always asks where to place the order if there isn't space. We all really appreciate him!”

Koji Mimura from QCD Los Angeles:

“Our delivery driver, Koji, is very helpful and patient with us. He has to deliver to our store during operating hours, and he helps put away our frozen product instead of leaving it out. We are immensely grateful for him.”

Thank you to Andrew, Jesse, and Koji for providing excellent service and continued dedication to supporting customer success!


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