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Truck Driver Appreciation Week Spotlight: Hector Gonzalez

September 2021

As a last-mile delivery driver for Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) Chicago West, Hector Gonzalez starts each day physically and mentally prepared to tackle any obstacle he might face and ensure customers get their products on time. Even when he thinks no one is watching, Hector helps those around him, “in a heartbeat, no questions asked.”

Driving for over a decade, Hector values safety and the safety of others above all else. On August 12, 2021, while driving on U.S. Highway 55 in Illinois, Hector experienced minimal visibility due to extremely heavy storms. Immediately executing important safety protocol measures, the QCD driver helped other drivers navigate the perilous conditions by calmly slowing his truck down and turning on his flashers to help guide all vehicles to safety.

Incredibly grateful for his swift decision-making and guidance, one of the drivers on the road behind Hector that day reached out to QCD about her experience.


“He kept a steady and safe speed and by doing this made the rest of feel safe because we could see where we were going through him,” she shared. “We so appreciate him and wanted to pass along our thanks to your company for hiring such a great driver.”


When asked about his experience during this incident, Hector humbly expressed, “What was so impressive to me about the driver was that she trusted me, slowed down, and followed along.” While oftentimes other drivers on the road don’t understand safety protocol, “this driver didn’t get angry, and I want to thank them for helping to keep us all safe. We all have families, and everyone’s life is important.”

Hector’s appreciation extends to his company, as well. “Every time you do something good, QCD lets you know, and I’m happy for the recognition.”

Acknowledging recent challenging times due to the pandemic, Hector thanks QCD for always supporting him and providing him with equal opportunities, regardless of seniority. “I truly am so thankful for QCD. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, QCD made sure to keep operations running with as many precautions and with as much personnel as they could. I’m always going to show up to work an hour early, because you never know what can happen.”

During Truck Driver Appreciation Week, QCD recognizes Hector and all our dedicated drivers for their loyal service and many contributions!


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