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Local High School Students Get Exclusive Quality Custom Tour

Instead of another lecture on a school campus to illustrate an idea, QCD Fontana and local high schools teamed up to provide an up-close and personal look into the food industry. These high school students and aspiring contributors to the community were invited for an onsite field trip and tour of the QCD Fontana facility located in Southern California.

Larkin Williams, General Manager of QCD Fontana, did a very thorough job explaining the type of role QCD plays in the industry and how we stand out from the competition. He explained a brief overview of the company's history, current standing and future projections. Fun periodic quizzes and prizes to correct answers were given enhancing the student's engagement and information retention.

Then came the tour, beginning with safety first as everyone was issued a safety vest and ending in the truck yard with a commemorative group photo. From the MHE Charging Area to the Pre-Shift Meeting Area to the Chill Box, Freezer Box, Chill Dock, Dry Racking Area and the Truck Yard, the full operation of the distribution center was witnessed first-hand and a greater understanding was taken in.

As most experience the frigid freezer portion of the tour and swiftly seek for the exit, one daring student stated, "I actually enjoyed touring the freezer. I could have stayed in there for an hour!"

Daniel Paxton, Warehouse Manager, had this to say about the fun event, "QCD values the opportunity to welcome in such engaged students to learn first-hand how distribution works and how it impacts their daily lives. We hope this inside look at QCD sparks future interest among the students, as they pursue careers in our business community."

The energy levels were high and the end of their visit came too quickly. It would not be a surprise if one or more of these students return to QCD Fontana in uniform ready to carry on the high standards and quality services of this company.

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