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QCD Career Stories – Edgar Muruato

Edgar Muruato's rise from night shift warehouse picker to transportation manager at QCD Los Angeles exemplifies resilience and professional growth within a supportive work culture. Starting at QCD in 2014 as a night shift associate, Edgar saw an opportunity for both personal and career development in the company's proven commitment to its workforce.


A Steady Climb Up the QCD Ladder

Through hard work and vision, Edgar quickly demonstrated his value. Contributing to QCD’s success as a warehouse associate for three years, he developed his logistics skills, which led to promotions to warehouse lead and then supervisor. By September 2020, he had advanced to Operations Supervisor, leveraging his operational management skills.


In April 2021, Edgar earned a promotion to warehouse manager, taking on more responsibility and further developing his leadership skills. Reflecting his experience and dedication to QCD, his journey continued with his promotion to transportation manager in August 2023. Valuable professional development opportunities, including GSF’s Leadership Essentials to Accelerate Development (LEAD) training program and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, drove his advancement.


The Pillars of Edgar's QCD Career

Three key elements have anchored Edgar's career at QCD: inspirational leaders, a supportive work culture, and opportunities for advancement. Effective mentorship from facility general managers and regional operations leaders like Larkin Williams, Jodi Whitlock, Ben Lin, and Rob Belleque played a pivotal role in giving Edgar the guidance and encouragement he needed to navigate his career path.


Notably, QCD’s company culture has distinctly impacted Edgar's professional journey. The values-based culture prioritizes treating others with respect and integrity, which aligns with Edgar's own moral compass.


Edgar's Advice for Aspiring QCD Leaders

For those looking to advance their careers at QCD, Edgar's straight-forward advice is to live the company's values. Respect, integrity, and commitment are not just words, but actionable guides. He encourages embracing challenges, continuously improving skills, and contributing positively to QCD's goals.


The Joy of Working at QCD

Edgar loves the close-knit community at QCD, where over nine years, he's formed strong connections that are like family. The leadership's interest in each employee contributes to a warm, home-like atmosphere, distinguishing QCD as an exceptional workplace.


The Road Ahead

Edgar aims to become a general manager within the next year, and his long-term vision includes playing a strategic role at QCD's corporate headquarters in Texas. As his drive for personal and professional development continues to shape his future at QCD, Edgar's career journey exemplifies how ambition and a nurturing company culture can lead to remarkable career trajectories.



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