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QCD Associates Put Company Values into Action

January 2024

In recent months, the Quality Custom Distribution logistics team demonstrated GSF’s Creed and Values at the warehouse and during deliveries. Treating others as we would like to be treated, an Indianapolis warehouse associate helped get a third-party delivery driver to the hospital when she noticed he needed medical assistance. Also in Indianapolis, a last-mile delivery driver demonstrated excellent customer service and gave the customer a fair deal, resulting in a positive experience for a Starbucks customer. Additionally, an associate from QCD Portland earned recognition from the facility’s leaders for his determination, work ethic, and maintaining the highest standards.


“These are just a few recent examples of our associates putting our company’s Values in action, making sure our customers and their customers receive the best service,” said Shane Blanchette, Group Vice President, Operations, QCD. “Thank you, Tammi, Carmen, and Rabi, for upholding our values and ensuring that we maintain the highest standards throughout our operations, from the warehouse to our customers’ stores, and everywhere in between.”


In late October, an inbound delivery driver with Dynamic Transit notified the team at QCD Indianapolis that he felt unwell, so he parked in the facility’s lot. The following day, QCD transportation supervisor Tammi Berry noticed the driver’s truck still in the lot and went to check on him. She soon realized he needed medical attention and arranged transportation to the hospital. With extra care and generosity, Tammi also took in the driver's dog during the driver’s hospitalization. 


Carmen Walker from QCD Indianapolis went above and beyond during his delivery route, which resulted in a positive review from a Starbucks customer. While the driver started to unload his delivery, he passed the register, where the barista told a customer they were out of ingredients for the drink they ordered. The driver overheard the conversation, so he stopped and offered to check the boxes he was unloading for the missing ingredients. He handed the ingredients to the barista and conversed kindly with the customer, while they waited for their drink. The customer appreciated his extra efforts and sent positive feedback about this experience to QCD.


An associate from QCD Portland also earned recognition from his leaders for showcasing QCD’s Values in the team’s daily operations. Rabi Brizuela’s role entails transferring products from QCD’s offsite warehouse to the in-house operations. He excels in his role by adapting to any new challenge that comes his way. His hard work and determination ensure seamless transitions, which results in improved efficiency and cost savings for QCD Portland and its quick service restaurant customers.


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