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QCD Career Story – Gregg Tarlton

February 29, 2024

Gregg Tarlton, currently serving as Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) Senior Regional Director, QCD East, initially explored a career in law enforcement. However, a now retired general manager at Golden State Foods (GSF) introduced Gregg to the company in 1993. Immediately drawn to the company’s ethos, Gregg decided to take a leap of faith. 


Starting as a warehouse selector at the GSF distribution center supporting McDonald’s in Lexington, South Carolina, Gregg embarked on an ascent through the company’s ranks. Ranging from Purchasing Clerk to Operations Director, and other roles, he demonstrated a steadfast commitment to excellence and a knack for leadership. 


Throughout his QCD tenure, the unwavering support of mentors shaped Gregg’s career advancement with their belief in his potential that allowed him to excel in each role. Other leaders, such as former GSF Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wetterau, and QCD President and GSF Corporate Senior Vice President, Ryan Hammer, also played instrumental roles in guiding Gregg’s professional growth. Both leaders instilled in Gregg the importance of following the company’s core values, such as dedication and teamwork. 


Beyond the titles and accolades, Gregg found true fulfillment through GSF’s camaraderie and shared sense of purpose. Gregg’s relationship with his colleagues and McDonald’s partners became the cornerstone of his career, further enhancing his professional journey. Looking ahead to his 32nd year with the company, Gregg remains committed to championing GSF’s mission and core values, and participating in GSF Foundation-led programs that ensure positive outcomes for the communities where associates live and work. Gregg’s career serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, mentorship, and meaningful human connection within the workplace. 



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