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QCD Career Story – Daniel Paxton

January 22, 2024

Daniel Paxton currently serves as the General Manager for two QCD San Antonio distribution centers in Texas. His unexpected, yet remarkable career journey with the company began in March 2016, when Daniel joined QCD as an Operations Analyst for the Los Angeles location. Little did he know that what started as a temporary job would evolve into a fulfilling career, characterized by growth and leadership opportunities. 


A friend working in the company’s Los Angeles logistics location introduced Daniel to QCD. His initial expectations were exceeded by the values-driven people, exceptional leadership, and a culture that merits recognition. Daniel’s short-term commitment soon transformed into a promising career, full of potential. 


Shaped by a series of well-deserved promotions and transitions into roles of greater responsibility, Daniel’s career trajectory advanced steadily during his tenure with QCD. Starting as an Operations Analyst, he progressed to become a night warehouse assistant supervisor, managing the facility’s team of receivers and selectors. Rising through the ranks, Daniel then served as warehouse supervisor and later as assistant warehouse manager for QCD Los Angeles. His journey continued at another QCD facility in Fontana, California, where he successfully led all warehousing operations, ensuring company objectives for efficiency, quality, and productivity. Finally, he earned a promotion to the position of General Manager at QCD San Antonio, overseeing operations serving customer stores throughout Austin, San Antonio, and the Lower Rio Grande Valley. 


The factors influencing Daniel’s enduring dedication to QCD include the company’s people, Creed, Values, leaders, and customers. The company’s unwavering support, both in terms of benefits and leadership guidance, played a pivotal role in his career advancement. Mentorship and collaboration with colleagues shaped his professional growth, highlighting QCD’s commitment to fostering an environment of development and opportunity. 


“The company culture that QCD has to offer has transformed me personally, placing an emphasis on hard work and dedication that generates a positive result,” said Daniel. “For those aspiring to advance their careers at QCD, there are four ingredients to success; have empathy, remember your roots, maintain a positive attitude, and put your best foot forward.” 


As for the future, Daniel envisions continued growth within the company. With a focus on accumulating experience and putting in sustained effort, he aspires to reach the position of vice president or higher in the coming years, pursuing the abundant opportunities that QCD has to offer. 


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