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QCD Las Vegas Celebrates Five Years of Safety

Safety continues to be a top priority at QCD, and QCD Las Vegas has set an incredible example with its recent record. The facility has achieved five years of safety – meaning the facility has gone five years without a reported injury, Department of Transportation violation or warehouse safety incident. This streak is the longest amount of time the facility has gone without an incident – no small feat! The

team celebrated this achievement by hosting a barbecue and providing a gift card for each associate.

One of the factors behind this great success is the QCD Las Vegas Quarterly Bonus program, where associates are encouraged to maintain safety by attaining a set amount of Smart Driver Events. These events include tasks like delivering product without incident, auditing product correctly and making consistent on-time deliveries. Associates also prioritize the communication of potential accident hazards during monthly safety meetings as well as before and after dispatch shifts.

"We start off the day together and we all make it home together," said Terrell Nelson, General Manager, QCD Las Vegas. "To continue to achieve our safety goals means that all of our associates participate and support this trend with new incentives and ideas. Our associates definitely take this achievement to heart and are a big part of this recognition."

QCD Las Vegas' next safety goal is to surpass six years of continued safety.​

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