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Women in the Warehouse: Vincenta Owens

February 2022

Each quarter, GSF features a woman leader within the GSF family of companies, sharing her journey, insights and what it takes to succeed in this industry.

This quarter’s Woman in the Warehouse, Vincenta Owens, provides excellent leadership as a warehouse manager at the Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) facility in Capital Heights, Maryland. Over the past five years, Vincenta has continued to enhance her professional growth, as she supports QCD’s foodservice industry customers in the Washington, D.C. area.

“Being a warehouse manager with QCD has allowed me to see the importance of self-assurance, loyalty, and hard work,” she says. Vincenta feels supported by QCD in “knowing that if you work hard and are committed, anything is attainable.”

She finds joy in helping others and feels well-aligned with the company’s community involvement through the GSF Foundation’s activities. Supporting children and families in the communities where associates live and work, QCD facility teams across the U.S. organize local programs and donate funds from their own paychecks.

“I like the fact that QCD believes in giving back and helping others,” shares Vincenta. “I always find some small way to give to others.”

When asked about why women should consider pursuing more jobs in the logistics and foodservice industries, Vincenta encourages other women to remember that “it’s not a masculine job; it’s a terrific career!” She adds, “It’s always good to branch out and take chances. The world is changing, and everyone needs to be willing to change­—it’s a great experience.”


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