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Women in the Warehouse: Autumn Jones

January 2020

Each month, GSF features a woman leader within the GSF family of companies, sharing her journey, insights and what it takes to succeed in this industry.

During her 13-year career in the warehouse, Autumn Jones has fashioned her own distinct career path, working her way up through a variety of roles, including picker, operations clerk, customer service and now, management. Her steadfast initiative to learn and add value in each position — some of which were created as a unique fit for her specific talents — resulted in Autumn’s growth to her current role as Warehouse Supervisor for QCD Seattle.

When asked for advice on transitioning to different roles, Autumn notes that she simply learned to make herself useful and familiar to those who were appointing the positions. She decided she wanted to be a material handler, and then had the opportunity to learn as operations clerk. Following that, Autumn subbed for a customer service supervisor who was on maternity leave — and then was promoted to warehouse supervisor.

“I moved from the bottom and worked my way around and took my time to learn different things,” shares Autumn. “I have had eight different positions at this point! The position of warehouse clerk was a role that was created just for me. I worked half my time in the warehouse and the other half in the office to support on special projects. This allowed me access to other people and opportunities within the office.”

Autumn believes it’s important to share your interests with your supervisors and look for opportunities to learn about new roles early on in your career. She is most proud of her facility’s tight-knit and solutions-oriented culture. Autumn admits sometimes things do go wrong, but it’s team work that leads to success.

“At the end of the day, we’re all very close and know how to work together to achieve the most from the day,” she says. “The great thing about GSF is that I get paid to bring my authentic self to work every day — not just any woman in the warehouse, I am Autumn!”

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