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QCD’s Values in Action: Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated

April 2023

QCD San Antonio

During the winter storms impacting Texas, the QCD San Antonio team supported Chick-fil-A by delivering contingency pallets of product to ensure restaurants in nearby markets stayed open to serve customers. Chick-fil-A’s supply chain partner distribution and logistics coordinator shared the following positive feedback and gratitude:

“I want to give your team a huge Texas ‘thank you!’ Within hours of asking if you could support the Chick-fil-A restaurants in a neighboring market, your team had contingency pallets on the road for delivery to support the Waco restaurants to ensure they could remain open. Also, the team provided 18 contingency pallets for the West Texas market for a third party to pick up and deliver. Then, your team followed up the next day with full orders to the Waco restaurants. Even with the extra ask, you completed all San Antonio deliveries on time. The second-mile service that was provided was remarkable.

QCD Indianapolis

Earlier this year, driverJason Moore in Indianapolis successfully prevented a potentially fatal impact when an individual cut across state route traffic on bicycle at night. While Jason focused on the road ahead, he spotted the bicyclist through the darkness, reacted quickly to slow down, and avoided a serious collision. QCD commends Jason on his demonstrated dedication to safety and to the QCD Values.


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