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Ryan Hammer Speaks on Supply Chain Innovation at Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit

The University of Southern California's Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit is an annual conference held in Los Angeles from August 8-9 that inspires leaders to create transformation through supply chain excellence. The conference provides learning opportunities for supply chain professionals from across the world in every industry—from food and consumer product goods to banking. Corporate Vice President and President, Logistics Ryan Hammer was invited to speak at this prestigious conference on the technologies that GSF has implemented in its supply chain to drive customer satisfaction.

One of the aspects Hammer will discuss is how GSF is driving innovation through design-to-value and zero-based flavor profiling. "Design-to-value and zero-based flavor profiling is based on consumer insights data and industry trends that deliver some very unique but desired flavors for sauces," said Hammer.

Hammer will also be highlighting the logistics technologies that provide GSF customers with the consistent deliveries they depend on to keep their stores running smoothly. "I'll be speaking on the utilization of enhanced software driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to support predictive routing solutions to maximize total overall efficiencies and service to our customers—accounting for weather, traffic, sales and fleet constraints," said Hammer.

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