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QCD Seattle Safety Incentives Result in Major Milestone

Safety is a top priority at Quality Custom Distribution, and QCD Seattle is no exception. The facility recently celebrated 1,000 days injury-free, the longest amount of documented time without injury to date at the warehouse.

This recent milestone is the result of QCD Seattle's Safety and Accident Injury Review committees as well as employee incentive programs that prioritize the communication of potential accident hazards. One such incentive program is the "Safety Spin Board," which is a random draw game with an assortment of prizes that employees can win if they continue to keep a safe working environment week after week.

"Commitment to safety protocol is important to us," said Eric Lard, Regional Northwest Facilities Manager at QCD Seattle. "We expect overcommunication from our employees and continued review of all safety concerns within our Safety and Accident Injury Review committees," said Lard. "We're about community and keeping our employees safe and aware of any potential hazards."

The QCD Seattle warehouse celebrated this achievement with a team-wide bowling outing and has plans to move towards larger incentives, such as an electronic prize drawing as the warehouse continues to maintain a safe work environment.

"We take pride in this achievement and will continue to stay focused on safety and serving customers at the highest level," said Lard. "We want to be recognized like the Spokane and Las Vegas warehouses, having gone injury free for over several years."

QCD Seattle's next safety goal is to surpass 1,095 days injury-free, in what would be a 3-year milestone achievement.

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