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QCD Spokane Celebrates Seven Years Injury-Free

January 2020

On January 9, QCD Spokane achieved a new record of 2,556 days without a lost-time injury or incident in the warehouse. Decorations throughout the office, lockers and break room greeted associates, as they arrived to the facility on the milestone date. The team enjoyed lunch and cake, too.

“Many of our associates have been here for five years or more, contributing their best efforts every day to our safety culture,” said Leah Wilkins, Warehouse Manager, QCD Spokane. “It takes each and every team member, old and new, being committed to maintaining the highest standards and remaining accident-free to accomplish results like this.”

To continue the celebration later in the month, an off-site team-building event will include lunch, games and new safety logo gear! Congratulations to the record-setting QCD Spokane team on this remarkable accomplishment!

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