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QCD Career Story: Ryan Pollard

Ryan Pollard, QCD’s Continuous Improvement Manager based in Seattle, Washington, has navigated through various distribution center operations roles, each a stepping stone toward greater responsibility and impact. His initial attraction to the company stemmed from the values-based culture and commitment to community, which still resonate deeply with Ryan today after nearly two decades of career advancement with QCD.


Ryan joined the company’s former Sumner, Washington distribution center in 2005 as a warehouse selector. As Golden State Foods (GSF) started up its QCD division in the mid-2000s in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan played a pivotal role in shipping Starbucks products across eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana.


Transitioning through numerous warehouse positions and leading special projects along the way, Ryan's career path reflects his adaptability and eagerness to improve processes. In his current role as Continuous Improvement Manager, Ryan leverages his extensive operations experience to enhance operational efficiencies throughout QCD’s network of 25 last-mile delivery distribution centers, servicing foodservice customers across the U.S.


An Encouraging Environment


Ryan attributes much of his success to QCD’s support system, noting that the leadership genuinely invests in the personal and professional growth of its team members. Instrumental in his development, the supportive environment shaped by QCD leaders encouraged him to pursue higher education while working and to earn his college degree. With several mentors guiding him and sharing valuable knowledge and insights, these important relationships helped broaden his professional skills and enrich his understanding of the company’s operations and culture.


For Ryan, the company culture is about more than just work; it's about building relationships and fostering an environment where everyone encourages each other to contribute and excel. Inspired by GSF’s Creed and Values, Ryan has embraced opportunities to learn and grow, which has opened new avenues for his career development. This sense of community and mutual support at QCD makes the workplace one where Ryan can thrive and make a difference, aligning with his personal values and professional aspirations.


Words of Wisdom for Career Growth

Ryan offers his advice to those aiming to advance their QCD careers: “Never be afraid to jump in and learn any part of the business. The more you understand the inner-workings of the company, the more opportunities will open up for you.”


As Ryan continues to apply his own advice and drive improvements, he remains open to the numerous opportunities that the company’s growth might bring. Though no one knows exactly what the future holds, Ryan’s experience at QCD has taught him that opportunities for advancement are always around the corner, ready to be seized by those prepared to meet them. Beyond personal achievement, Ryan’s experience demonstrates how embracing company values, seeking continuous improvement, and nurturing strong relationships can lead to a fulfilling and successful career.


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